Tuesday, 2 December 2014

help:5 gitama doujinshi okikagu




Product Infomation

Product Title: help:5
Product Rating: Matured
Software Category: Manga (Digital Comics)

Product Genre: Hentai dojinshi
System Specification: WinMe, Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, MacOSX
File Format: Image zip file (JPEG)
Other Options: 39 page


doumo arigatou gozaimasu  / xiexie  /большое спасибо

Thank you so much hope you enjoy the story

 you can Share what ENDING You Want in this dojinshi


help:1 remake gitama doujinshi okikagu ( Now on Sale ! )

help:5 gitama doujinshi okikagu


Camilla Etterstad said...


I am really interested in the doujin! is still available to purchase?

Fox note said...

meet me in iwannaseeluna@gmail.com
see ya!

Unknown said...

hello! I'm very like ur style drawing and the story of the okikagu dojinshi
did have any other way to purchase the dojin?

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